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9.23.13-BLACK TIGER: Comic Book Short Film starring ANGELA FONG & ROBIN SHOU has wrapped! READ HERE

9.10.13-LUMPIA 2: WE DID IT! LUMPIA 2 funded in dramatic final hours of Kickstarter! READ HERE

8.10.13-LUMPIA: It's time! Our first ever KICKSTARTER to back that LUMPIA sequel has begun KICKSTART HERE

7.18.13-LUMPIA: Tickets for our 10th Anniversary screening at Century 20 Daly City Aug 9 NOW ON SALE VIEW HERE

3.18.13- BOOKS: Our new collaboration with Bambu & Prometheus Brown has dropped! VIEW HERE

3.5.13- NATIVE ELEMENTS: "Bigger They Come" screens at CAAMFest 2013 in San Francisco! VIEW HERE

2.20.13- PINOY SIGHTINGS: Ginelsa to speak at SCPASA Summit in Long Beach, CA 2/23/13 VIEW HERE


10.19.12- PINOY SIGHTINGS: Ginelsa to speak at 3rd Annual Larry Itliong Day Celebration in Carson, CA 10/20/12 VIEW HERE

9.5.12- NATIVE ELEMENTS: The Main Event is NOW! "Bigger They Come" is ONLINE! VIEW HERE

8.28.12-LEGACI: Watch our new MUSIC VIDEO "Never Got Over You" NOW! VIEW HERE

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7.10.12-LEGACI: The LEGACI 60fps Challenge starts NOW! VIEW HERE

5.15.12-GINA HIRAIZUMI: "Never Say Never" Music Video Teaser! VIEW HERE

2.6.12- KID HEROES TV: Our new web channel has launched! VIEW HERE

1.10.12- NATIVE ELEMENTS: "Bigger They Come" Music Video/Short Film coming this year! VIEW HERE

10.23.11- PINOY SIGHTINGS: Ginelsa to speak at FACLA in Los Angeles 10/23/11 VIEW HERE

8.10.11- TRICK HABIT: screens at 2011 HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood this MON 8/15 READ HERE

6.3.11- Check out Ginelsa's brand new DIRECTORS site at www.patricioginelsa.com VIEW HERE

5.11.11- CRY: Our new music video for J-RICZ released! WATCH HERE

4.25.11- BAMM TRONICS: screens at 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festval TUES 5/3 READ HERE

4.25.11- THE JOURNEY: screens at 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festval SUN 5/1 READ HERE

4.15.11- OLD MAN RAPS: screens at 2011 Chicago International Movies & Music Festival this SUN 4/17 READ

4.11.11- TRICK HABIT: screens at 2011 Film Independent Project:Involve Showcase at Disney Concert Hall this THURS 4/11 READ

2.27.11- IN MEMORIAM: Faustino "Peping" Baclig, 1922-2011 READ HERE

1.4.11- BAMM TRONICS: Watch our NEW music video "Jungle of Ones and Zeros" VIEW HERE

12.31.10- The 2010 Recap!!! READ HERE and watch OUR TRIBUTE VIDEO

12.17.10- THE JOURNEY: View this special romantic comedy reuniting THE DEBUT lead stars VIEW NOW

11.25.10- Here's a sneak preview of our upcoming projects! VIEW NOW

9.20.10- TRICK HABIT: Watch our new ROCKY RIVERA music video online VIEW NOW

9.14.10- TRICK HABIT: BAY AREA Premiere this THURSDAY 9/16 READ HERE

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5.19.10- OLD MAN RAPS : TEASER for our BAMBU "Crooks & Rooks" follow-up VIEW NOW

5.18.10- PILLSBURY: THIRD PLACE Pillsbury Award for our entry "The Lesson" VIEW NOW

4.8.10- PINOY SIGHTINGS: Ginelsa to speak at UC Riverside 4/20/10 VIEW HERE

3.18.10- BAMM TRONICS: First peek at "Jungle of Ones and Zeros" VIEW HERE

3.5.10- THE APL SONG: Screens at 2010 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival! VIEW HERE

3.5.10- An evening with Patricio Ginelsa & A.J. Calomay in Los Angeles March 8 VIEW HERE

2.14.10- YUMMY: Watch our brand new music video for Hopie Spitshard "Yummy" VIEW NOW

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2.9.10- YUMMY: World Premiere Release Party in San Francisco 2.11.10 READ NOW

2.8.10- CROOKS & ROOKS :To be televised on MYX VISUAL CRUNCH starting 2.11.10 READ NOW

2.1.10- YUMMY: Hopie Spitshard's YUMMY premieres online VALENTINE'S DAY 2.14.10! READ NOW

12.31.09- The 2000-2009 DECADE Recap!!! VIEW HERE

12.11.09- YUMMY: Our next music video is Hopie Spitshard's YUMMY! VIEW NOW

11.10.09- DIRECTV: Our film "THE Digital Family" is the FIRST PLACE Grand Prize WINNER! VIEW NOW

10.20.09- VOX MERGER : Watch the ONLINE PREMIERE of our new music video HERE

10.14.09- BEING REEL: Screens 3 times at the 2009 SAN DIEGO ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL! VIEW NOW

9.13.09- CROOKS & ROOKS : Our Bambu video wins BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Chicago International Hip Hop Film Festival! READ NOW

9.9.09- AMAZON : Watch our entry "Genie-us" for the AMAZON AD CONTEST! VIEW NOW

8.17.09- VOX MERGER : Watch the TRAILER for our upcoming music video VIEW NOW

8.11.09- DIRECTV: Our short film pitch "THE DIGITAL FAMILY" greenlit as a FINALIST! READ NOW

8.1.09- BEING REEL: Screens 8/7/09 in Los Angeles as part of the VC BEST OF THE FEST! VIEW NOW

7.1.09- SKINIT :Our entry "Body Paint" wins HONORABLE MENTION! VIEW NOW

6.19.09- SKINIT : We made the TOP 20 as a FINALIST; VOTE NOW! WATCH & VOTE NOW

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5.18.09- PRESS : Ginelsa interview on Spikey Pillows! READ NOW

5.18.09- BEING REEL: FINAL CUT of winning 72 Hour Film now online! VIEW NOW

5.8.09- LUMPIA : Lead Actor Carlos Baon in the DAILY REPUBLIC newspaper! VIEW NOW

4.24.09- CROOKS & ROOKS : Screens at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on 5/5/09 VIEW NOW

4.24.09- BEING REEL : NEW FINAL EDIT debuts at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on 5/1/09 VIEW NOW

3.20.09- USC CREDIT UNION : Our HOME LOAN commercial is now ONLINE! VIEW NOW

3.10.09- CROOKS & ROOKS : Makes film festival debut at SFIAAFF this Sat 3/14/09 VIEW NOW

2.20.09- PINOY SIGHTINGS: Ginelsa to speak at UC Irvine conference 2/28/09 VIEW HERE

2.5.09- LINCOLN MKS : We WON! Watch the PREMIERE during the GRAMMY AWARDS on CBS! VIEW NOW

1.21.09- LINCOLN MKS : We're a NATIONAL Semi-FInalist! ! READ NOW

12.31.08- The 2008 YEAR Recap!!! VIEW HERE

12.21.08- CROOKS & ROOKS : The BAMBU music video PREMIERE! VIEW NOW

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9.6.08- USC CREDIT UNION : Our AUTO LOAN commercial is now ONLINE! VIEW NOW

6.25.08- BEING REEL: Ginelsa WINS L.A. Film Festival 72 Hour Film Competition! VIEW NOW

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5.13.08- PINOY SIGHTINGS: Ginelsa to speak at UC Riverside 5/21/08 VIEW HERE

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4.6.08- Two commercials for the USC CREDIT UNION COMING SOON ! VIEW HERE

2.18.08- Watch the premiere of our L&L HAWAIIAN BARBECUE commercial NOW! VIEW HERE

2.17.08- PINOY SIGHTINGS: Ginelsa to speak at MAFA in Minnesota 2/23/08 VIEW HERE

Can't wait for the strike to end? Watch our Finalist NBC Promos for HEROES and THE OFFICE!

12.31.07- The 2007 YEAR Recap!!! VIEW HERE

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10.15.07- CHAMPION: Wins BEST MUSIC VIDEO Award @ 2007 San Diego Asian Film Festival! VIEW HERE

10.11.07- Ginelsa makes stage directorial debut with AMERIKANA The Musical in San Francisco 10/27 VIEW HERE

10.9.07- CHAMPION: Premieres @ 2007 San Diego Asian Film Festival! VIEW HERE

8.31.07- FULL EQUITY NOW: EXCLUSIVE Premiere of Public Service Announcement for WWII Filipino Veterans READ HERE then WATCH HERE

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6.19.07- CHAMPION: Makes East Coast Premiere @ 2007 New York Asian American International Film Festival! VIEW HERE

6.1.07- BEBOT: Video/Controversy panel @ UC Santa Barbara with Patricio Ginelsa & scholars READ HERE

5.28.07- NEW VIDEO posted! View Patricio Ginelsa's updated DIRECTOR REEL HERE

5.15.07- NEW KidHeroes.net website launched!!! Visit the NEW CYBER-STORE HERE

5.5.07- BEBOT: Little Manila Foundation, Patricio Ginelsa, Black Eyed Peas receive California Preservation Award! READ HERE

5.4.07- CHAMPION: Asia Pacifics Arts article recap, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival! READ HERE

5.4.07- CHAMPION: Screens at 2007 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival! VIEW HERE

4.6.07- PARTNERS: Xylophone Films launches FIRST XYLO-PODCAST CLICK HERE

3.9.07- BEBOT/CHAMPION: Screens at 2007 San Francisco Asian Pacific International Film Festival! VIEW HERE

3.9.07-CHAMPION: New Native Guns music video PREMIERE ! VIEW HERE


3.7.07- BEBOT: The Making of "BEBOT" premieres online! VIEW HERE

1.5.07- BEBOT: Featured on BBC Radio LISTEN HERE

11.22.06- BEBOT: Front Page of the LOS ANGELES TIMES! READ HERE

9.12.06- BEBOT: Asia Pacifics Arts on BEBOT: "Positively No Filipinos Allowed?" READ HERE