It's been exactly one year since we've released our music videos for the Black Eyed
Peas song "BEBOT". After a huge community-funded video shoot in July 2006, both
versions of the music video "Generation One" and "Generation Two" finally premiered
online at on August 2006 with over 50,000 hits in just the first few
days. Soon after, an open letter from various educators and scholars attacking the
video's depiction of females, started circulating online. The BEBOT Phenomenon and
Controversy became the talk of the community, spawning various forums on the
Internet and at college campuses across the country. It even made the front page
of the Los Angeles Times (November 22, 2006).

This month, we celebrate its one year anniversary with a special release of the
BEBOT Promotional DVD. This hand-crafted DVD is NOT FOR SALE and will be
given to customers this month who purchase ANY TWO items in our
cyber-store, either TWO of the same item, or at least TWO different items altogether.
Only ONE DVD per customer per order WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

This exclusive Region 1 DVD contains:
-a special handmade DVD sleeve
- BOTH versions of the BEBOT video: Generation One and Generation Two
- a Making Of featurette
- a Little Manila Foundation profile video
- and more exclusive features you can't find anywhere else!

A portion of ALL ONLINE SALES during the months of AUGUST and SEPTEMBER will
be donated to the LITTLE MANILA FOUNDATION (

So by ordering this month, you not only get your hands on an exclusive DVD but
you're supporting a worthy cause in the Little Manila Foundation PLUS you're
supporting independent artists!!!